Enjoy Effortless Michelin and James Beard Winning Restaurant Experiences at Home Anywhere in America



Moveable Feast

Built by 12 Founding Restaurant Partners, Moveable Feast is a new platform for award winning independent restaurants to connect with guests at home across America. Our first product is Dinner Party.

Dinner Party is a culinary journey, featuring one new award winning restaurant each month. We source the finest seasonal and sustainably grown ingredients, largely drawn from the bounty of local farms near our open and collaborative kitchen in downtown Napa.

Now, from anywhere in America, you can not only read about restaurants that win Michelin stars, James Beard awards, and rise to the top of “best of” lists, you can experience them at home.


Founding Partners

12 Restaurants, 22 James Beard Nominations, 5 James Beard Wins, 5 Michelin Stars, 8 Food & Wine Awards, 7 Star Chef Awards. 

Moveable Feast is Worker First

Moveable Feast is owned by chefs and restaurateurs. We have all worked in restaurants and understand the importance of each and every person working the line. We got into this business because we want to take care of people, and that starts with our team.

  • Work / Life Balance: Our team works predictable daytime hours. Nobody has to close a restaurant at 3am. 
  • Above Market Pay: All of our hourly employees earn more 30% than the local industry average. 
  • Benefits: All of our employees are offered the opportunity to receive health insurance, fully paid for by Moveable Feast. We also offer access to a 401k so that our employees can begin to save for their future.
  • Ownership: Our employees get stock options in our company!
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: Moveable Feast is committed to inclusivity and diversity and this is reflected in our hiring and training practices, and in the company we keep.

Moveable Feast is Sustainable

For us, the environment is personal. Our meals are a celebration of terroir. When the earth thrives, our hearts and tastebuds thrive. We take every measure to operate with an Earth first philosophy.

  • Reusable Stainless Steel and Glass Containers and Compostable Pouches 
  • Recyclable Paper Products
  • Eco Friendly Delivery: Moveable Feast purchases carbon offsets to bring us back to level on each and every box. It’s that simple.

Moveable Feast is Farm to Table

We built our first kitchen in Napa for one reason: access. Napa gives us access to better farms, better ingredients, and longer growing seasons. We only work with farmers that employ sustainable, biodynamic, or organic growing methods. Our menus are seasonal, always. If it’s out of season, it’s not on your plate.

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